Planning Phase

  • DEVELOPMENT APPLICATIONS: Consulting support for the interface with a government Planning Department including application development, land use research, zoning codes review, development standards review and applicability, and other environmental regulations.
  • SITE DEVELOPMENT PERMITS: Consulting support for assisting with a permitting process that interfaces with a government Planning Department including Rezoning Support, Site Development Permits/Planned Developments Permits/Conditional Use Permits.
  • ENVIROMENTAL IMPACT ANALYSIS: Consulting support in navigating a (CEQA) driven process including providing technical writing support for initial studies, negative declarations, environmental assessments and environmental impact reports and documents in the resource areas of Land use and Land planning, Hydrology and Water Quality, Utilities and Service Systems such as water, sewer and storm systems.
  • TENTATIVE MAPS: Consulting support in understanding the Subdivision Map Act process and includes preparation of tentative maps including site layouts, setbacks, utility layouts, access points and parking analysis. The Tentative Map will be submitted to a City planning commission and once approved, will be sent to the State of California Department of Real Estate (DRE). This also includes preliminary storm drain analysis for compliance with water quality treatment controls based on local regulations.
  • EXHIBITS: Prepare exhibits, models and/or perform alternative analyses as directed by Client.

Planning Budgets

Technical Operations Report

Impact Analysis

Design Phase


  • Infrastructure Engineering including master planning document development, capacity analysis and hydraulic modeling, roadway alignment, intersection layout, technical analysis and calculations and reports.
  • Land Development services including earthwork, grading, and drainage studies, erosion control concepts, parking lots, bicycle trails, walkway layout and ADA compliance, fire service access and hydrant layout,
  • Technical Calculations and Memorandum: Provide written technical reports to summarize and support the analysis which provides a professional approach. Hydrology and hydraulic calculations will be provided in a format acceptable to the reviewing agency for the designed storm drain system.


  • Construction Documents: Provide civil engineering services for the design and preparation of construction documents including public improvement plans and written technical specifications as needed. This is based on information provided by the client including a resolved boundary and/or topographic survey information provided by the Client, the approved Tentative Map, Development Permit and other City conditions of approval.
  • Types of Drawings: Demolition Plan, Rough Grading, Precise Grading, Erosion Control, Street Improvements including sidewalks, driveways and pavements, Signalized Intersection, Retaining Wall Layout, Underground utility design wet including potable water, sewer, storm, pump stations, Underground utility design dry including electrical, gas, communication, lighting, Dimensioning plans, Plan and Profiles, Signage and Striping plans, Street light plans.
  • Technical Specifications(Federal, State and Municipal Projects) Using the latest addition of the Construction Specification Institute. Their Master Format®, is a master list of numbers and titles classified by work results. It is primarily used to organize project manuals and detailed cost information,and to relate drawing notations to specifications.
  • Cost Estimates: Prepare cost estimates based on the maturity level of the project: Class 5 thru 1 (conceptual to bid analysis) including fees, overhead, profit and escalating market conditions. Prepare Quantity survey only consistent with CSI Division Specification.


  • Erosion Control, NOI, Storm-water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP). Prepare Erosion Control Plan showing erosion control measures as of October 15 of each year. Prepare and submit a Notice of Intent (NOI) for submittal to the State Water Resources Control Board. Prepare a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) utilizing the published guidelines for content by the Regional Water Quality Control Board.
  • Storm Water Quality Mitigation Plan: Prepare numeric sizing calculations and exhibits. Provide Numeric sizing calculations follow the local hydraulic design criteria specified for flow-based treatment controls in Post-Construction Urban Runoff Management Policy. Exhibits shall show mapped locations of all TCMs, and include dimensioned detail drawings of vegetated treatment swales, based on final grading plans, and drawings and specifications of proprietary treatment devices provided by the manufacturer.
  • Oil Spill Prevention, Countermeasure and Control Plan: Prepare document in conformance with Title 40 CFR Part 112. 7 and .8 related to storm water control around petroleum storage and operational facilities such as power plants and tank farms.
  • Lending Institution Construction Progress Reports: Prepare a report document typically based on attendance at Owner-Architecture-Contractor meeting for pay applications.   Question participants about schedule of values, change orders, schedule and provide photo graphic evidence of the site visit.


Technical Report Transporation

Technical Report Transporation

Technical Report Transportation

Technical Report Stormwater


Cost Estimating

Construction Documents

Mapping Exhibit

Construction Phase

Construction Phase Services can be as simple as providing construction administration services such as addressing request for information and/or submittals or for more complex programs providing budget development services, master scheduling and contract management.

As an Owner’s representative during a construction phase, the following services can be tailor to meet a Client needs:

  • Project Contract Management – Comprehensive
  • Planning Scheduling/Schedule Analysis
  • Master Budget Development
  • Design Management
  • Competitive Bid Process Management / Delivery and Contracting Strategies
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control
  • Change Order Process Management
  • Value Engineering
  • Project Closeout

Lender Construction Progress




Progress Inspections

Progress Inspections

Progress Inspections

Progress Inspections

Progress Inspections

Progress Inspections

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